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Hollie Guard

Hollie Guard turns your phone into a personal safety device. Protect yourself from violence and accidents, record evidence and alert emergency contacts of your whereabouts quickly and easily.

With Hollie Guard you’ll benefit from:

* Automatic recording of audio and video evidence that’s shared with your emergency contacts and stored for future reference
* A motion sensor that detects trips and falls and automatically alerts your emergency contacts in the event of an accident
* Multiple ways of raising an alarm, including shaking your phone, a panic button, as well as meeting and journey triggers
* Professional alert monitoring (if you upgrade to Hollie Guard extra)

If you feel like you’re at risk, shake your phone or tap the screen to generate an alert. The app will share your location and record audio and video evidence, these details will be sent to your emergency contacts who can take action and get help.

Hollie Guard


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Hollie Guard
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