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Easy Rescue- Kırmızı Işık

The Red Light Application was implemented by Vodafone Turkey Foundation in order to support women's protection from violence and to inform them about the fight against violence against women.

With the Red Light Application;
- You can call emergency numbers and your relatives with a single button,
- You can send messages containing your location information to your relatives with one click and confidentially,
- You can get information about what to do when you are exposed to violence,
- Transportation to ŞÖNİM Points can be provided from the maps,
- Access to Gender Equality training videos,
- By solving the Violence Awareness Test, you can learn about the types of violence.
- You can consult the digital assistant Işık for the questions you are looking for answers to about violence.

Easy Rescue- Kırmızı Işık


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Easy Rescue- Kırmızı Işık
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